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Expert Advice on Choosing the Right Ready Mix Concrete for your Project

Expert Advice on Choosing the Right Ready Mix Concrete for your Project

Choosing the right construction materials can make or break your project. One such critical material is ready mix concrete, the backbone of any sturdy construction. It’s essential to select the right type for your specific project needs to ensure durability and cost-effectiveness.

Ready mix concrete is a batch of concrete that is pre-mixed in a factory or batching plant, then transported to a worksite, according to a set recipe. It is preferred over on-site concrete mixing because it can lead to a more precise mixture, reducing on-site labour costs and time.

But, how do you choose the right type of ready mix concrete for your project? Here are some expert tips to guide you.

Understand the Application for your Ready Mix Concrete

Different projects require different types of concrete. For instance, high-strength concrete would be ideal for foundations, while a more workable mix might be better for decorative installations. So, first, understand your project needs and where the concrete will be applied.

Identify the Desired Ready Mix Concrete Strength 

The strength of ready mix concrete is directly related to its durability. It’s determined by the ratio of water to cement in the mixture, where less water typically results in stronger concrete. Discuss your project’s load-bearing needs with a concrete professional to identify the ideal concrete strength.

Consider Weather Conditions

The local climate and weather conditions at the time of construction can influence your choice of ready mix concrete. For instance, in colder climates, you may need a mix that sets quickly, while in warmer regions, a slow-setting mix might be more appropriate.

Work with a Reputable Supplier

The quality of your ready mix concrete can be significantly influenced by your supplier. A reputable supplier like Scribante Concrete offers high-quality, consistent products and can provide expert advice based on your project specifics.  Take a look at all the ready mix concrete products that Scribante Concrete has to offer.  

Here are a few of Scribante Concrete’s Ready Mixes here:


Scribante Concrete’s General Purpose Mix is a versatile product suitable for a broad range of applications including Foundations, Footings, Bases, RDP Bases, and Rafts. Branded under the Scribante name, this mix caters to a diverse set of construction needs.

Strengths ranging from 5 to 40 MPa are available within our General Purpose mixes, offering a spectrum of robustness suitable for varying project demands. Additionally, our GP Mixes are designed to achieve a target slump of 100 mm, striking a balance between workability and firmness.

Characteristics of the General Purpose Mix

  • Easy to place and direct discharge from the mixer trucks
  • Available in 19mm and 13mm stone sizes
  • Increased resistance and durability to aggressive environments due to the slag and fly ash content in the mix
  • Cost effective economical solution


Scribante Concrete’s Column Mix is a specifically formulated product with a unique emphasis on enhancing strength gain and workability, making it the perfect choice for both external and internal concrete column applications.

The Column Mixes, featuring Scribante’s signature quality, are offered in a range of strengths, from 15 to 55 MPa, tailored to meet diverse construction demands. These mixes are designed to reach a target slump of 125 mm, ensuring optimum balance for successful project execution.

Characteristics of the Column Mix

  • Suitable for direct, crane and skip discharge
  • Available in 19mm and 13mm stone sizes
  • Pumpable and flows easily
  • Adequate paste that provides an excellent off-shutter finish
  • Increased resistance to aggressive environments due to the slag or fly ash content in the concrete mix


Scribante Concrete’s Pump Mix is a specialised product, designed with particular emphasis on pumpability and workability, making it perfectly adapted for all pumping applications.

Our Pump Mixes, carrying the trusted Scribante brand, are available in a comprehensive range of strengths, from 15 to 55 MPa, ensuring they cater to a wide spectrum of construction requirements. These mixes are formulated to achieve a target slump of 125 mm, guaranteeing the ideal consistency for effective pumping.

Characteristics of the Pump Mix

  • Available in 19mm and 13mm stone sizes
  • Used for pumping applications including suspended slabs, retaining walls and/or any other applications or areas where a mixer truck is not able to reach
  • Pumpable and flows easily
  • Adequate paste that provides an excellent finish
  • Increased resistance to aggressive environments due to the slag or fly ash content in the concrete mix

Think Sustainability

Sustainable construction is gaining momentum, and rightly so. Ready mix concrete can be an eco-friendly choice if you select a supplier who uses sustainable production methods. Consider choosing ready mix concrete made from recycled materials or using energy-efficient production methods.

Ensure Adequate Delivery and Pouring Services

Lastly, the logistical aspects of getting your ready mix concrete from the plant to your project site can greatly affect your project timeline and costs. Ensure your supplier can deliver the ready mix concrete in a timely and efficient manner, and that you have the right personnel and equipment to pour it correctly.

Take a look at Scribante Concrete’s services here.   

In conclusion, the key to selecting the right ready mix concrete lies in understanding your project requirements and aligning them with the right product. By considering factors like the application, desired strength, weather conditions, supplier reputation, sustainability, and delivery services, you can select a ready mix concrete that best fits your project’s needs. Remember, expert guidance is invaluable in this process, so don’t hesitate to consult professionals like those at Scribante Concrete for advice. Click here to chat to Scribante Concrete’s qualified and experienced professionals here.

Keep and eye on Scribante Concrete’s social media for regular updates.   

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